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Denise Scoggins
Denise Scoggins
August 4, 2023.
I highly recommend solar panel cleaning company in El Paso Texas. We had a huge pigeon problem so we’re in dire need of this service.They provide have a free estimate for the project for anyone interested and they also provide military discount. They also do a thorough job during the estimate and provide photos of the condition of the roof to show you the problem and they also take pictures when the service is completed. They explain the process during the estimate and are prompt with scheduling an appointment. You can either pay the full price or they offer financing as well. Our service included cleaning our roof of all pigeon debris, installing netting to prevent birds from going under the solar panels, they also clean up the mess after and sanatize the area. If you decide to go with their service tell them Denise referred you because they also offer a free solar panel cleaning for referals.
Familia Breacher
Familia Breacher
July 21, 2023.
Very responsive and prompt.
Jaime Minjarez
Jaime Minjarez
May 27, 2023.
They arrive punctually on time, did a professional job and took their time without rushing it. Excellent customer service.
Beatriz Herndon
Beatriz Herndon
May 17, 2023.
Solar Panel Cleaning Services and Accessories is a very reliable business. I contacted them for a bird. We scheduled an estimate very shortly after first contact (free of charge). They sent me pictures of the whole situation up on my roof, as a home owner who lives out of state this was very helpful. After assessing the situation they sent me an estimate and guided me on how to schedule the service. Their prices are very reasonable and they form of payment is secure also they offer military discount or hero discount as they call it. Every staff member I spoke with was nice and helpful. They are efficient and very professional. I wish I wouldn’t have this problem again but if I did I would definitely hire their services again. Thank you Solar panel cleaning you guys are a 100 out of 10. Photos of after service.
Charles Vera
Charles Vera
May 12, 2023.
They did such a good job! Can’t recommend enough and they included pictures during and after the process to compare with the before pictures they took from the estimate.
Rebecca Ayala
Rebecca Ayala
May 9, 2023.
Luis was very helpful in answering all questions we had, they did a amazing job in cleaning our roof/panels and installing of the bird netting. A big plus is they clean up the mess on the floor after they are done on the roof AND they spray a disinfectant once they are done. We will definitely be using them for our regular cleanings. Before and after pictures and totally night and day! Thank you Luis and your team for taking good care of us and our home!
Geo Squirel
Geo Squirel
May 7, 2023.
Luis and his crew did an amazing job on the solar panel and roof cleaning. We had a bad problem with pigeons ever since we got the solar panels and he was able to clean it all up. They showed up early and didn’t leave until the job was done. They cleaned up after themselves then walked us through all that was done. Highly recommended this company. Very professional.
Adrián Flores
Adrián Flores
April 22, 2023.
Super profesionales y honestos, resolución de mi problema en forma inmediata, precio accesible Servicio garantizado..muchas gracias solar panel cleaning 👍👍
Rosa Molina
Rosa Molina
April 19, 2023.
Clean up of bird nests was done very well, service was very professional and on time. All work was completed in one day. The team was very efficient and hard working.
Richard Valerio
Richard Valerio
April 10, 2023.
Expert job bird proofing solar panels and cleaning roof and solar panels. Will refer to friends and family who have or will get solar panels. Good job and friendly work crew.

Frequently asked questions

Every Six Months to a Year in order to maintain productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the Solar Panels.

Solar panels are the perfect shelter for birds, protecting them from rain, high winds, and predators. Birds will build their nests and make their permanent home beneath your solar panels. The installation of a Critter Guard mesh will stop them from roosting under your solar panels.

Birds produce uric acid from the excretion of nitrogenous waste instead of producing urine. Uric acid can eat away at your asphalt shingles and other roofing materials and damage them, potentially leading to leaks; or even just making some parts of your roof more exposed than others. This means that when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy habitat for yourself and your family, it may be important to take care of these specific things first.

Bird droppings contain fungi that may lead to serious illness for you, your family, and your pets. According to scientists, these fungi can be spread through the air which may cause histoplasmosis or cryptococcosis if it reaches you via inhalation. Additionally, bird feces may also end up on an outside HVAC unit in your attic or onto roofing under extensive damage – allowing for airborne fungus spores to enter into the interior of your home.

To get rid of pigeons from your roof, you could use bird repellents, bird spikes or if you have Solar Panels you can install a Bird Proofing Mesh around the Solar Panels. 

There are Different ways to clean a Roof:

1. Use a leaf blower.

2. Pressure washer and water only.

3. Soft washing Method using Chemicals.

We are the Best Solar Panel Cleaning, Roof Cleaning and Bird Proofing Company in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico area with lots of 5 Star Reviews.

If solar panels are not maintained, dust and dirt can collect on the surface, lowering their effectiveness. Since they are not clean, they will not generate as much power. Furthermore, if the material is not removed promptly, it may become more challenging to clean and can harm the solar panels permanently. Solar panels should be cleaned sometimes to guarantee maximum performance.

Roof softwashing frequency varies depending on a number of variables, including the kind of roofing material, the local climate, and the quantity of roof shadow. It is advised to have a professional evaluate your roof every six months to decide whether it needs cleaning if pigeons are roosting on your roof or solar panels.

To professionally clean solar panels in El Paso, Texas. Avoid using chemicals, abrasive cloths since these might scratch the solar panels’ surface. When cleaning your solar panels, you should also avoid using a pressure washer or any other high-pressure water source. It’s safer and more efficient to use a water fed brushes  with purified water.

El Paso Solar Panel Cleaning, Bird Deterrent Mesh Installation, and Roof Cleaning

Our Professional Solar Cleaners Are Ready to Help you!

Fully Accredited by The Better Business Bureau  Providing Solar Farm Panel Cleaning, Critter Guard Mesh Installation, Roof Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Virus Disinfecting.

With Years of Experience, combined with the latest  Solar Panel Cleaning System, Rotating Brushes, Water Fed Brushes, RO/DI Water Purification Equipment to Professionally Clean Your Solar Panels without compromising the Quality or the Warranty of the Solar Panels.

Free Estimates, Military Discounts, and Financing are Available!


Our team of honest, fast, reliable, and well-trained Solar panel cleaners is ready to assist you and give the best and most honest suggestions when it comes to doing bird proofing, solar panel cleaning, roof washing, virus disinfecting, and gutter cleaning.
We are a local family-owned business providing services to all our neighbors in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM area.
We offer the best Commercial and Residential solar cleaning services, fast and efficiently without compromising quality.
We expect to continue our relationship long after our very first solar panel cleaning or bird proofing service appointment. Our ongoing services are designed to get rid of birds that are nesting under your solar panels, keep your solar panels clean, and operate at peak efficiency.

Our team of Solar Panel Cleaners is available to Clean Rooftops, Carports, and Solar farms.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Choosing the Right Company

How do I find an Honest Solar Panel Cleaning Near Me?; Honesty is our best policy: Finding a Company That is Honest, Fast, Reliable, with Budget-friendly services without compromising Quality can be Challenging; Especially in El Paso, Texas, or In Las Cruces, New Mexico area.

We take pride in our work and one of our main goals is to provide great Solar Panel Cleaning and Bird Proofing services while utilizing the best available tools and materials.

For Bird Proofing Services Only

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