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Solar Panel Bird Netting Installation

Best ways to do Bird Proofing for Solar Panels In El Paso, TX

When we think about having Solar panels professionally installed we forget about the small details that can have a big impact affecting solar panels efficiency, energy production, or the cost of repairing a damaged solar panel system due to Pigeon’s infestation or any other type of Critters that will see your solar panels as the perfect home.

There are many different DIY options and tricks that you can implement to try to keep Pigeons or critters away from your solar panels if you don’t want to hire a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning or Bird Proofing Company for solar panels in your area.


  • You can go to your local hardware store and get some roof spikes 
  • Fake owls
  • Bird deterrent devices
  • Bird repellent spray
  • Bird repellent gel;

All the listed options might work to some extent but unfortunately, the pigeons and critters will keep going back to nest under your solar panels.

In our opinion, the best way to solve the problems is Bird proofing, critter guard mesh installation around the outer perimeter of the solar panels  But before you decide to do this yourself consider this. 

  • Do you want to fully fix the pigeons or critter infestation problem and do it on the cheap?
  • Are you tired of having to climb up to the roof to constantly try new tricks just because you watched all the YouTube Videos showing

how to do it yourself?

how to do it yourself?

Think about the headaches that pigeons are causing you, bird drops in your backyard, bird poop on your new tesla paint job, Elon Musk will be furious and might send you some Tesla solar panels.

Here are some other facts about Pigeons and why is so important to let a professional solar panel cleaning and bird proofing service company do the job safely, with all the proper materials and equipment to install the bird proofing or critter guard mesh around the solar panels. after all, they are the professionals who have the tools and training to do the job.

Normally after all the guessing and numerous trips to Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware store around El Paso, TX or Las Cruces, NM area you might think that you got everything under control! Sorry to disappoint you!


But the Materials to do Solar panel Bird proofing are not available at your local hardware store. and normally properly registered companies that specialize in Doing solar panel cleaning, roof cleaning, and Bird proofing have access to better quality and the correct type of solar panel bird-proofing materials.


The bird proofing varies in length, width, and protective coating, and having a professional measure the solar panels, and visually inspect the section requiring bird proofing will help determine how much material you will need since one section could probably require a 4inches mesh and the other section 8- or 6-inches mesh.

Another important factor, Never and under no circumstances use screws to install the bird proofing mesh; You run the risk of damaging your solar panels and voiding the warranty.
Always consider hiring a professional and reputable company to do bird proofing and humanely evict birds or critters from your roof with solar panel systems.

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