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The importance of using RO/DI Water purification technology to clean solar panels

There are lots of mixed opinions about this topic, Solar panel manufacturers often claim that rainwater is enough to keep them clean.

However, that’s like saying rainwater is enough to keep your car clean. Rainwater is not enough to get rid of not only dirt, but other problems like bird droppings, dead bugs, pollen, and pollution. Plus, just like with window cleaning, rainwater, and regular tap water can leave spots.

We know for a fact that the water in El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM is described as moderately hard to hard. This is enough to leave hard water spots on the solar panel surface and being this one of the main reasons to use the proper water purification system to clean your solar panels.


For solar panel cleaning to be done correctly, you need to use a pure water system, just like you use for water-fed pole window cleaning. Achieving pure water can be done using either a deionization (DI) unit or a reverse osmosis/deionization (RODI) unit. Determining which system is best for you will vary based on the size of the job you are doing and what equipment you already own. In a perfect setting, using only DI is the best approach because it gets the water cleaner.

We recommend 30 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) for solar panel cleaning, always consider contacting a professional company like Solar Panel Cleaning Services and Accessories to have them clean your solar panels or do bird proofing.


The main reasons are simple, to clean solar panels the correct way you need some tools or equipment such as RO/DI water Purification systems, Water Fed poles with special brushes, and more importantly the experience to get the job done correctly.